„so there it is

mythical place

maybe a being

maybe something else

so here it is

and I am entering

and maybe scared

fear covering


here it is

the place

the legend

redrum so red

murder so painful

and here it is

but why in my home

I mean honestly



I am no staying

here any longer

running away

or putting here my laundry

my dirty socks, and my underwear…

so what you say redrum

can you bear

the bear?”

No serio mamy redrum…

We do have it…

OMB… why not blue?

Day 2248 of teaching how to be a bear… Sometimes such a tiny thing can piss you so enormously!!!

Day 2248 uczenia jak misiem być… Czasem to taka mała rzecz, a tak wielce wkurwić potrafi!!!

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