„Beze mnie świat

by się zawalił,

ja tutaj podtrzymuję stropy,

ale wiecie, czasem

gilga mnie w pleckach,

więc potrzebuję pomocy.

Czasem też wiadomo,

do toalety muszę,

albo się wysmarkać,

no chusteczkę duszę.

Czasem też są sprawy,

takie niepubliczne,

więc wybaczcie nie nadmienię

dla dobra opini licznej.

Dlatego czasem się omsknie,

dlatego czasem opada,

no zwyczajnie niebo

na głowy czasem wam spada.

Ale się nie martwcie,

nie ma na to boja,

ja zawsze w ostantniej chwili

łapię fale przyboja.

Zawsze też na sekundę

przed tym nim się zawali,

ja niebiosa podeprę,

niech was o to gardło nie pali!!!”


Next story about my family.
Here are twins. Chrapek and Łatek. (Snorry and Patch? something like that) Witch was dreaming about having them as she can not have alive one. But when she came to the shop it was impossible to just go out with one. She first decided to take Chrapek – the grey one, but she could not leave that sad pinchy browny one. As usual she was out of cash. She was there standing and thinking hard until More Human cam and decided that we can live for a rest of the month only on water and bread, we are taking them both
And here they are. They always eat breakfast with More Human. Such a manly way to confuse everybody

Bo w końcu najmniejsi są NAJWIĘKSZYMI!!!

Here comes a story about one of our family. One of the oldest, bought in IKEA. Well, it was a rainy day, in fact night, and Witch went there to buy two things for her Grandma. And in fact had only little money. But when she was walking something caught her arm, she pulled, and there was a MOOSE!!! I mean amazing one, soft and fluffy, and sad… She had to put him back! I mean really had to. It was impossible… It was so sad. Yeah she came back for him. In fact could not leave him there!!! It was impossible. She thought that will buy for Grandma something different, and money were enough for this and a moose!!!
She carried him back home under her shirt to not make him wet! And his name is Tutuś. In fact Tutankhamen, but that is so long… And yesterday he got his own moose from Canada! From Lorena Marie He is so happy, although you may not notice that!
PS He is in the middle, the one on the left is a different story

A co! LOL

Today it is a bit sad day, so I have decided to let you meet Krølle Bølle… his name is Krollek.Witch saved him from a shop 3 years ago. She was low on cash, as usual, but saw him, and knew he needed surgery, so when she sold one of her paintings… we walked for him, miles, and then were crazy carrying him back! He is a bit huge!!! But very friendly!!!


I decided I should let you meet my family, so here is one of the oldest… His name is Footek, and he loves Witch, what I do not really get, but… His story is cool. Witch did not have money to buy him, but so loved him since the moment they met, so she was just visiting him in the shop for a very long time. And one day the huge sing appeared: THIS SHOP WILL BE CLOSED, SALE. Still she was too poor… so was coming more often, talking to the moose and crying… Then one day, it was raining, More Human called her, that he is bringing someone, I mean a guest, and I think you do know what happened

Day 494 of teaching how to be a bear… Sometimes the best you can do is to sneeze on your enemy!!!

Dzień 494 uczenia jak misiem być… Czasem najlepsze, co możesz w danej chwili zrobić, to kichnąć na wroga!!!

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