Last Christmas

„Last Christmas to be honest

the Covind did not start

it was just still all around

like hunger and mouse

it was whispering quietly

that it will doom us all

and we were pissed already

was an adult and child

and none was sleeping quietly

counting dreams

we were just scared…

… and you know

nothing has changed

so have fun like never more

so breath and eat

because to be honest

jump up

stir around

who knows what will we have next

breath now

because it may be the end.”

I am so fucking cheerful recently.


Okay, no LOL.

Day 3087 of teaching how to be a bear… Fuck cheerfulness, be yourself, fake smiles suck!!!

Day 3087 uczenia jak misiem być… Pierdol radosność, bądź sobą i nie szczerz zębów jak ci nie do śmiechu!!!

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